How long can hair products be stored

Hair products (colorants, shampoos, or treatments) have a maximum shelf life. Any unopened product can be kept for 30 months. Then, after opening, shampoos, treatments, or coloring products do not have the same shelf life. After opening, this shelf life, which is called PAO, is indicated on each bottle or packaging. When the storage period (opened product or not) is exceeded, it is not recommended to use these products in customer appointments (or at home). Where and how to keep them? Our experts explain everything to you right here.

Coloring cream, oxidant, bleaching powder, shampoo, lacquer, hair care. All these products cannot be kept indefinitely.

Where to store your hair products

The conservation of the hair products you use in your home hairdressing activity is important. We advise you to keep them in a dry place, away from heat and light. This makes it possible to guarantee the proper use of the products and not to alter their composition. You can also store them in a cupboard, a drawer, a suitcase: in a bedroom, the living room, the cellar if it is ventilated.

How long should you keep your hair products

¬†Hair products such as dyes, shampoos, conditioners, gels have a “PAO” date. It stands for “Best Before Opening. ” The product tube indeed indicates how long, after opening, it is possible to use a product. Not all hair products have the same PAO. Shampoos can be kept for 2 to 3 years. A gel, or a wax, an industrial shampoo for up to 2 years after opening. On the other hand, an organic shampoo will be used 18 months after opening.

For coloring or oxidizing products, it’s the same thing. Some can be kept for up to 12 months after opening, others 18 months. How to know? On the product packaging, there is a small pictogram indicating this: it is an open jar with the mention “12M”, “18M”, “36M,” etc.

Unopened products shelf life

Do you keep color or oxidant tubes (or shampoos) in your product stock that have never been opened? Do not use hair products, even unopened, beyond 30 months after purchase. Components may alter even if the product is closed.

How do you know when opened products have expired

Several techniques for ensuring that your hair product is still usable are listed below


Does the product appear to be in the same condition as when you initially bought it? If the product’s texture appears to have altered, it’s time to toss it.


Is the product still smelling the same, or has it changed? One of the first things to lose its power and undergo alterations is the aroma.


It’s another great way to know! Check whether the product has the same consistency as before. If it feels bad, then you know it has already expired.


Is there a split in your haircare product? When it was translucent, did it appear “cloudy”? Is it now thicker than it was before? Visually inspecting your products is a simple and quick technique to see if they’re still usable.

Can we keep a coloring and oxidant mixture

As for the mixtures made for coloring (coloring and oxidizing product), we strongly advise you not to keep a mixture even if you have some left. The components of the mixed products become unstable and must be used quickly. Otherwise, the coloring may not hold on to the hair or may not be the one desired. And there, it’s your client who may not be delighted.

What are the risks of using an expired hair product

First, your product will prove ineffective. In the case of coloring, it will not hold on to the hair. The desired shade will be different. There may be allergic reactions (itching, burning, hair loss, etc.)

Finally, even if your product is not yet expired, but its color, texture, or smell seems questionable to you, do not use the product.

The ideal way to manage a stock of products

To find your way easily, note the product or the date of purchase and opening of a product in a notebook. The DTP date has passed? The products are closed, but you bought them more than 30 months ago? Gather your expired products and drop them off at the recycling center when you go there.

Arrange your stock of products regularly

Also, do not hesitate to take advantage of a half-day without an appointment at home to “review” your stock of products.

Set aside open products that are nearing their DTP date and unopened products that you have had for more than a year. Use them as a priority for your appointments. And so on, rotate and always serve you products that keep for less time first.

How long do hair products expire

Although the FDA does not require hair product makers to include an expected expiration date, hair products will ultimately expire. After 36 months, we toss away unopened hair products as a general rule. We recommend discarding the product within 12 months after it has been opened.

How long can flaxseed gel be stored

Flaxseed Gel can be stored in the refrigerator for a week or two without preservatives or on the counter for a few days. If you haven’t used a preservative and want to retain your gel longer, freeze it. If you want to add a preservative, it can last anywhere from 6 months to a year.

How long hair dye be stored

Unopened hair dye, according to manufacturers, has no expiration date. Hair dye, on the other hand, has a three-year shelf life, according to the experts. Hair dye will no longer be effective beyond that period. There is no proof that using outdated hair coloring is harmful.

How do you know when hair products expire

Look for a little picture of a container labeled with a figure and the letter M on the back of your product’s label, often in the lower right, to find the PAO mark. The figure represents how long the product’s quality will last once it has been unsealed for the first time.

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