how long do human hair wigs last

Hair wigs are a popular choice for those who are experiencing hair loss. There are many different types of wigs available on the market, including human hair wigs. Human hair wigs are made from real human hair and can last for up to one year with proper care.

Why human hair is preferable

The life of a human hair wig can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months, but with proper care, they can last up to 18 months. Human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs, but they look and feel more natural. For women who like to look glamorous and want to protect their natural hair, there’s no better solution than a wig.

how long do human hair wigs last

The lifespan of a human hair wig can depend on a few factors: how often it is worn, how well it is taken care of, and the quality of the hair. Human hair wigs can last anywhere from 3 to 12 months. There is a lot of speculation about the longevity of a wig. Their advantage is that the better you take care of them, the longer they last.

Today we’re tackling exactly how long you can keep a wig, and we’ll give you some simple tips you can apply to extend their lifespan.

How long can you keep a natural wig

The long answer to this question is that it varies depending on the type of wig you use, the skill of your hairstylist, how fast your hair grows, how well you follow care recommendations for human hair wigs, and a few other factors.

It depends on the chemical composition of the adhesive you are using. Some adhesives are short-lived, while others will keep a wig glued for several weeks (4-6 months). You must choose the right glue. Otherwise, it will damage your temples.

A lace front wig can be left on for up to six weeks with a long-lasting adhesive. How long a lace front wig can be left on really depends on the method used and the products used to apply the wig.

We don’t recommend keeping a wig glued on for so long because your hair needs attention. They should be washed and moisturized regularly. Wigs are a great way to change your look, but they can’t replace natural hair.

There are many sprays for removing wigs on the market. For example, C22 peel off spraycan dissolves the glue to remove and change your wig. Alcohol at 70 – 90° is also a good choice.

The lifespan of a wig totally depends on how you take care of the wig and your hair system. A top-quality wig, if worn daily, will last about 4 months with proper care. The composition of the wig or the hair system also greatly influences the life of the wig.

Tips to make your lace wig last longer.

Lace wigs are a popular choice for women who want to have long hair without the hassle of growing it out. Lace wigs can also provide a temporary solution for women who have experienced hair loss. However, lace wigs require a certain amount of care and maintenance in order to keep them looking their best.

Wear your wig less

If you wear a wig every day, you may need to consider buying two and rotating them. The less you wear your wig, the longer it will last. Also, the rotation will allow you to take care of your wigs on rest days.

Take care of your wigs.

If you comb the wig after use, clean it with the right shampoo and conditioner, and follow all usage instructions, your wig will have a long life.

Style your natural wigs

When using heated styling products such as straighteners and curlers, we recommend using the lowest setting possible, plenty of heat-protecting products, and not using styling products near the hairline.

It’s always better to style wet wigs using rollers rather than using heated styling products – it’s the best way to prolong the life of your wigs, although it’s not always practical.

Put away your wigs

When you are not wearing your wig, it should be stored on a wig stand away from excessive heat, humidity, and direct sunlight. If you must travel with your wig, use a wig holder and wig box to ensure that it is not damaged or deformed during your trip.

Washing and maintaining your human hair wig.

Wigs are a great way to change your look without damaging your hair. There are many different types of wigs available, including human hair wigs. These wigs are made from real human hair and can be washed and styled just like your own hair. Here are some tips for washing and maintaining your human hair wig.

Always read the wig instructions before washing it. Some wigs can be washed in a regular shampoo and conditioner, while others require a special wig shampoo.

Rinse it off with room temperature water

Apply a very small drop of high-quality mild shampoo to wet hair (avoid the scalp area). Do not rub hair or scalp as you would your own.

Work the shampoo through the hair from top to bottom using light downward strokes, one section at a time. Do not rub the hair.

Gently apply some of the soapy water to the inside of the cup. Do not rub the cap.

Rinse again with cold water to run hot water from top to bottom and from the inside of the cap to remove excess shampoo.

Gently dry the hair with a towel.

You can now apply conditioner to damp hair. Avoid the scalp area, as conditioner can loosen hair ties and pull them out of the cap.

Prevent tangling of your wig.

Sometimes the wig can get tangled at the nape of the neck because the back and shoulder area rubs with the hair. This tends to tangle them. It is completely normal.

The best way to prevent tangles is to brush the wig out and use a small drop of moisturizing oil every day. It’s very important to maintain a healthy wig and prevent the hair from drying out and bunching up because it doesn’t get the natural oils from your head.

Take care of your wig.

Although human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic varieties, they allow for a more natural appearance. Their lifespan, however, depends on how well you care for them: the more efficient you are, the longer they will last.

This is why you need to take care of a human hair wig because there are things you need to do to protect your investment and keep the wig looking great for years to come.

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