How to make your prices in hairdressing at home

Learning how to make your prices in hairdressing at home can be a difficult task. You need to make sure that you are charging enough to cover your costs, but you also don’t want to price yourself out of the market. Here are some tips to help you find the right price for your services.

When one wishes to become a hairdresser at home or a hairdresser at home, the question of prices invariably arises. How to make your prices in hairdressing at home? How to offer fair prices, which are neither perceived as “overpriced” or, on the contrary, too low compared to the competition? This is what we are going to explain to you.

Several criteria are essential and must be considered to make your home hairdressing prices. Market research, knowledge of direct competition prices, your fixed and variable costs are all parameters that will help you establish a fair price for each service. From the competition to your projected budget, we detail you right here.

Consider legalities

You may need approval from your renter or mortgage provider to convert your home into a commercial space if you want to run a business from home. A trading permit will very certainly require you to contact your local planning department or municipality. Insurance for your business is another item to consider, especially if you have expensive assets, stock, or tools, as house insurance will not cover your business. You’ll also have to think about tax breaks and other legalities of being self-employed.

Because clients will be accessing your house, you’ll also need to think about health and safety. Before you do anything, we strongly advise you to visit the government’s law website for more information about starting and running a home-based business.

Criteria of prices

At home, the costs of a self-employed hairdresser are different from those of a hairdressing salon owner. It is not a question of payroll or rent at home but of travel costs to get to the customer, purchase equipment and products, or time spent in appointments.

Added to this are very different charges, depending on the status such as self-employed, micro-entrepreneur, or mobile hairdressers, having employee at home hairdresser salon.

All these costs are not negligible and must be considered when setting home prices. 

Other parameters should be kept in mind when setting prices

Here are the essential criteria to study and know when setting up a home and aiming to set fair and profitable prices :

competition, Your costs: fixed costs, material travel costs, products, Your estimated budget, The time factor

Quality of the service

Finally, your know-how is also a factor that interferes with your prices. As you know, the quality of your services must be faultless. Also, your prices will reflect the quality of your work. Your customers may doubt this hairdresser’s know-how by selling off your prices. This is obviously not the message you want to convey!

Consider how you can turn your house into a business.

It’s crucial to think about the logistical issues that stand in the way of your home salon business. Do you, for example, have enough room and the necessary instruments to allow a client to have a haircut or color at your home?

Make an effective marketing effort.

We all know that word-of-mouth referrals bring in a lot of new business for hairdressers. Make sure you establish yourself as a local hairdresser who can perform services in the client’s home. To attract individuals to try your new home salon, ask existing clients to promote you or consider introductory offers.

Consider the time you put on online marketing

Make use of social media by creating a Facebook and Instagram page that you can invite friends, family, and clients to “like.” Include all of your contact information, as well as your address, so people know where you live. We also suggest demonstrating your abilities/skills by including a lot of images of your work. Remember to update your page on a frequent basis and keep consistency.

Know the prices of the competitors

Studying the competition at the level of your region or area is essential. This will allow you to know the prices offered on the one hand by the salons near you and on the other hand by the hairdressers at home in the vicinity.

You will know how to make its prices according to the competition in-home hairdressing price range. You will thus be able to offer your customers prices consistent with the market of your activity and geographical sector.

The risk of wrong pricing

Remember, there is no point in lowering your prices and being the cheapest. Indeed, this risks serving you: your future customers could be put off by thinking that the quality is not there as we specified above.

In addition, low prices will make it difficult for future promotions during the holiday season, for example, or to retain your customers.

Your business expenses

Your business expenses are essential costs that you cannot charge to your business.

Social contributions if you are a micro-entrepreneur or self-employed, purchase of equipment and products, and travel expenses represent a cost.

It is, in fact, essential to know them and measure them to establish rates that will allow you to meet your costs while generating a salary each month. As a hairdresser at home, you will need to have everything you need to perform your services, from large equipment to products for coloring, shampoos, perms

Side product-selling business

Added to this is the possibility of selling products to your customers during appointments: shampoos, masks, treatments, serums, equipment such as brushes, straighteners, hairdryers. This allows you to recover a commission on the sale of these products and thus increase your turnover.

Transportation cost

Working from home means using your vehicle to attend client meetings. The fuel and the wear and tear of your car must be considered when establishing your rates. Some hairdressers at home actually charge a supplement for their “mileage costs” at each appointment.

Legal expenses

Finally, if you are self-employed, you will have to face social security contributions to be paid monthly or quarterly. The various costs if you hire an accountant, pay your insurance, etc., you must take this into account when making your prices.

Establish your provisional budget

It is interesting to set a monthly or annual turnover target, considering your fixed costs (equipment, products, mileage). This allows you to set prices that will make it easier to reach your goals.

Time is a factor to consider pricing

The time you will spend in an appointment is a good indicator for doing your hairdressing rates at home. You will be able to establish a single price for each service.

For a men’s haircut, you will normally spend less time on long hair than on a women’s haircut.

In the same register, between the choice of color, the mixture, the application, the exposure time, the patina, etc., you will necessarily spend more time for color than for a cut.

This time spent at an appointment is time dedicated solely to your client. At home, very often (unless you group the appointments of the same family or friends), you will not be able to take care of another client. At the same time, a color poses, for example. Also, time is a valuable factor and is an important indicator of setting your prices.

What if I applied for a supplement?

This is what most hairdressers at home do: apply a supplement depending on the length of the hair. Because the longer the hair, the more time you spend on it. And the more products we use.

It is up to you to consider the time spent in meetings when setting your rates.

how to increase your profits? 

The rates you apply for your services will allow you to achieve the turnover you want.

But to take it a step further, here’s a quick reminder for real benefits. The more traditional services are not specifically those that “pay off” the most. The “shampoo-cut-blow-dry” package is rarely profitable, especially if you invest in premium quality cutting and styling equipment.

On the other hand, specific services, such as coloring techniques, straightening, beard trimming, are very popular and are more expensive services.

It’s the same for shampoos. You won’t make a very high margin by making a classic shampoo. On the other hand, you will increase your turnover by offering your customers appropriate care, which you can also offer for sale. 

This is a personal process that cannot be neglected. Take the necessary time. 

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