How to remove Green highlights or Tint from the hair?

The green highlights in your hair might be cute for a St. Patrick’s Day party, but the rest of the year they are a disaster! Once your color has faded, or after a trip to the swimming pool, your hair has significant green highlights. You no longer dare look at yourself in the mirror, trying to forget your hair despair.

Don’t panic. Here are some solutions to remove and neutralize the green reflections of your hair

determine why your hair has turned green

is it green after swimming in the pool

is it green after coloring

is it green after bleaching

after you know the reason you can solve the greening issue accordingly

Green reflections after swimming in the pool

It’s the bane of summer and you have just bleached your hair! an afternoon in the pool, and now you have end up with green highlights in your hair. But why?

Generally, hair turns green after swimming in the pool due to the copper sulfate that some use in the water to fight algae. The side effect is that it also turns your hair into algae.

How to solve greening from swimming pool

But good news, there are solutions. By looking a little, you can hear about many sometimes strange tricks, such as using Ketchup or Coca-Cola. To be honest, it might work. We haven’t tested them all. Still, since we don’t really like the idea of playing with food, here are the most common techniques and the ones that we think are the most.

Clarifying or detox shampoo

The clarifying shampoo helps rid the hair of the residues there and, therefore, the copper sulfate residues. You can add baking soda to your shampoo or use one of our pre-coloring preparatory shampoos.

Anti-dandruff shampoo

Anti-dandruff shampoo also has effects to remove the greening in your hair

lemon and aspirin

It is the acidity that will help you remove the green reflections. So mix a tube of effervescent aspirin and the juice of a lemon with water, leave on your hair for 10 minutes and rinse. Although the lemon and aspirin mixture will be the most effective, you can also use only one of the two ingredients if you are missing one.

Apple cider vinegar

Since you need acidity, consider cider vinegar which can be used in particular as rinsing water. It’s a little extra. It also makes the hair shine!

Carbonated water

Pour a bottle of sparkling water on your unwashed and dry hair, mix, add shampoo and rinse. You can also use sparkling water in rinsing water after another treatment.

Warm water and care

Use lukewarm water to rinse your hair and not pull hair strands too much. Then finish with a moisturizer and rinse with cold water to tighten the scales.

If your hair is very dry and/or very damaged, the best thing is still to go see a hairdresser to not damage it further.

Green highlights after hair coloring

If your color tends towards green while fading, the color you applied contained either green or blue, which turned green with the yellow of your hair, because blue + yellow = green, remember your art classes!

Hair color remover

Hair color remover is the first reflex to remove persistent green reflections! It is very gentle on the hair (it is also so gentle that it sometimes takes 2 applications of the product to neutralize really important green reflections). It only attacks artificial pigments without affecting your base color. We, therefore, recommend this solution first, if it is possible for you.

Repigmenting treatment or red or pink toner

The principle of toner is to use a pigment opposed to the color you want to get rid of. Therefore, to neutralize green reflections, you need red or pink (pink being diluted red). Therefore, we can use a toner with pink reflections, one of the ready-to-use repigmenting treatments, or mix a tiny bit of red coloring with a treatment or a shampoo and thus create a homemade “de-greening shampoo.”

This technique will only be effective if your green pigments are light and are not necessarily easy to dose. If the rest of your hair is fair, blonde, est, aim for a pastel pink repigmenting treatment instead; if, on the contrary, your base is dark (black, brown), then you can choose a more dosed repigmenting treatment, such as a darker pink or a red. Be careful. If there are too many pigments, you risk getting brown or even pink/red reflections, so choose a shade you like! It is still a good solution to fade green before moving on to another color. Don’t forget the test wick to ensure your choice and dosage!

The clarifying shampoo

After the swimming pool (see above), the clarifying shampoo can help disgorge the color and remove the green reflections. It opens the hair scales, and the pigments will therefore be able to “slide.”


Doing prolonged hair care will also allow the color to bleed out.

Shampoo with bleach

A little bleach mixed with shampoo will be more effective in removing green highlights from hair than simple care, but also more aggressive (while being gentler than pure bleaching). Be careful if your hair is damaged!


As a last resort: discoloration. Before going through this, try all the treatments that will be less aggressive. Even if they do not allow you to completely get rid of your green, they will still allow you to disgorge your color as much as possible before bleaching. Be careful not to bleach damaged hair.

Suppose, despite the discoloration, you still have green pigments in your hair. In that case, they should be very light and not interfere with applying another color. But don’t forget to go see a hairdresser in case of damaged hair!

Green reflections after discoloration

After a coloring containing green or blue, green reflections refuse to leave, even after discoloration of the hair.

Indeed, blue and green pigments are sometimes particularly difficult to remove. This can pose a real problem when you want to switch to a distant color on the chromatic circle.

In this context, the green reflections are linked to the oxidation of the pigments by the bleaching product or to the blue dyes present in the previous color, which are not completely gone. This is especially the case with purples because purple = red + blue… Red goes away, but blue doesn’t, and your fade background is yellow. Yellow + blue = green!

Sometimes it also happens with toners (which are slightly purple colors).

Hair color remover

Try hair makeup remover first! It is very gentle on the hair (it is also so gentle that it sometimes takes 2 applications of the product to remove significant green reflections). It only attacks artificial pigments without affecting your base color.

Shampoo with bleach powder mix

Sometimes, hair makeup remover is not specific enough for persistent blue/green reflections. There is a simple solution to remove them, based on bleaching blue powder and shampoo.

in the bowl, mix 2 doses of shampoo for a dose of blue powder. apply abundantly and leave to act between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on the need. finally, rinse thoroughly. the green reflections of your color will disappear, and you will find your background discoloration!

The basic recommendations are the same: do a wick test and an allergy test again. Use only used clothes. Don’t do it on your hair if it’s too damaged. This mixture is less aggressive than a complete discoloration, but your hair will still be a little dry afterward. So don’t hesitate to take care after this treatment

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