Use Olive oil for beautiful curls

Curls are a beautiful thing. Whether they are tight and bouncy or loose and wavy, curls add personality and style to any look. Unfortunately, many people with curly hair find it difficult to style and manage their locks. This is where olive oil comes in. Olive oil is a natural moisturizer that helps to tame frizzy hair and define curls. It can be used as a conditioner, styling aid, and even a treatment for scalp problems.

Olive oil for beautiful curls

Olive oil is a natural moisturizer that is often used to condition hair and improve its appearance. Curly hair is notoriously dry and difficult to manage, but olive oil can help to tame frizz and make curls more defined. In addition to conditioning the hair, olive oil can also be used as a styling agent. A little bit of olive oil applied to damp hair before drying will help to keep curls looking bouncy and healthy.

Curly hair needs nutrition to be in top shape and hydration. Nutrition protects the hair fiber from dehydration. If your curls are dry, dull, lacking shine, or prone to breakage and split ends, they suffer from a lack of nutrition! Olive oil is an ideal oil for nourishing curly hair. Who doesn’t love using kitchen ingredients to make natural and easy recipes at a lower cost!

Take care of your curly hair with olive oil

The benefits of olive oil for curls

  • deeply nourishes the hair
  • soothes irritated scalps (itching, dandruff, etc.)
  • strengthens the hair fiber
  • protects lengths and ends
  • fight against forks and breakage
  • limits the appearance of frizz
  • brings shine and softness to the hair

How to Nourish Curly Hair with Olive Oil

Olive oil can be used in a hair oil bath (alone or in synergy) to bring nutrition to the hair in depth. Loved by curly hair, olive oil is perfect for beautiful, healthy hair! In addition to treating damaged hair, it strengthens the hair and leaves it soft and silky.

This vegetable oil is very rich, so very little is enough to nourish and care for your curls. Indeed, these must be lightly enveloped by the oil! To dose precisely, start with a small hazelnut and adjust as needed! Generally, we do a hair oil bath 1 to 2 times a month about the frequency! Nevertheless, stay tuned to your hair!

To properly apply your oil, first warm it in the palm of your hands to allow better absorption of the treatment. Then massage your scalp with a few drops to soothe and stimulate the roots. In addition to being ultra-pleasant, the scalp massage promotes hair growth and slows hair loss. Then, apply a little oil to your lengths and ends and leave on for at least 30 minutes, up to 1 night covered with a care cap. Finally, wash your curls with your favorite natural shampoo! In addition to the oil bath, olive oil can be incorporated into treatments such as nourishing masks, hair scrubs, etc.

Natural and easy recipes for beautiful hair

The oil bath to nourish curly hair

Olive oil can be combined with one or more other vegetable oils to benefit from their complimentary benefits:

Olive oil and organic neem oil are ideal for a soothed scalp. These oils will purify your roots and fight against itching, irritation, and dandruff! Olive oil and organic argan oil, the perfect duo for supple and incredibly soft hair. Indeed, Argan Oil stimulates hair growth and protects the lengths and ends from breakage and split ends! In addition, it regenerates the hair fiber. This synergy will leave your curls supple, soft, shiny, and protected.

Exfoliation to soothe the scalp

How to make a hair scrub in less than 2 minutes with only two kitchen ingredients? Mix equal parts olive oil and brown sugar (ex: 1 tablespoon of each)! In addition to exfoliating, sugar protects against toxins and regenerates the scalp. Not very aggressive, it is great for sensitive and dry scalps.

After preparing your treatment, thoroughly wet your hair. Then, apply your scrub section by section, massaging your scalp with your fingertips. Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Finally, get on with your usual washing routine!

The powder mask to treat damaged hair

For this recipe, we use the wonderful organic neutral henna powder! Neutral henna is a multifunctional nugget: it purifies and soothes the scalp, coats and strengthens the hair fiber, and brings shine and suppleness to all the hair!

The ingredients you will need has to be adapted according to the length of your curls. Use the following measure for a ratio

Three tablespoons organic neutral henna, one tablespoon organic aloe vera gel, one teaspoon of olive oil, a little hot water

In a bowl, gradually mix the neutral henna powder with hot water to obtain a paste without lumps (the texture of the paste should be neither compact nor too liquid). Then add the aloe vera gel and olive oil and mix. Then apply it all over your hair and leave it on for at least 30 minutes under a care cap. Finally, go about your usual washing routine!

Curly hair is often dry and prone to breakage. This is because the natural oils that are produced by the scalp to keep hair healthy and shiny, don’t travel down the curly hair shaft as easily as they do in straight hair. The result can be dry, frizzy hair that is difficult to manage. One way to combat this problem is to use a conditioning treatment specifically designed for curly hair. One such treatment is olive oil. Hope this article will help you to bring the life back to your curls!

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