what hair dye lasts the longest

There are many different types of hair dye on the market, but which one lasts the longest? In this article, we will explore the different types of hair dye and their respective lifespans. We will also provide tips on how to make your hair dye last longer.

There are many different types of hair dye on the market, each with their own life expectancy. Permanent hair dye, which includes both semi-permanent and permanent dyes, usually lasts the longest. Temporary hair dyes, such as those that use henna or other natural ingredients, typically fade within a few weeks.

What hair dye lasts the longest

Brown hair colour is the most long-lasting hue. Natural blondes and brunettes will not need to bleach their hair to affect melanin levels, and the color molecules will penetrate deeper into the cortex of hair, allowing the dye to remain longer.

This hue comes in a variety of tints to pick from. This will make selecting the ideal hue to complement your appearance much easier. Cinnamon, Mahogany, Amber, Golden brown, and Honey are some of the warm brown colors. Mocha, Dark chocolate, Dark auburn, and chestnut are the most frequent cool brown shades.

Unlike semi-permanent color, which is designed to last for a few shampoos, permanent color seems, from its name, to be able to last indefinitely. But is this the case? Here is the hold you can expect from your hair color and some tips to prolong it as much as possible.

What you can do to last your dye longer

One of the most common issues people have with hair dye is that it doesn’t last as long as they want it to. In fact, many people find that their hair dye fades after only a few weeks. While there are some factors that are out of your control and there are also a number of things you can do to help make your hair dye last as long as possible.

Avoid color fading

Ideally, a permanent color would always stay intense or until the roots grow back. Therefore, on most hair, this would leave 6 to 8 weeks between each touch-up. But sometimes, even permanent color can fade in a few weeks. Why? Most hair colors are water-soluble. When you wash your hair, the color molecules dissolve or are washed out by the shampoo, and your color fades. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a long-lasting glow with permanent color. However, you need to know how to take care of your recently colored hair.

Try Oil-Based Hair Colors

They allow the color to fix better, but they also fade less quickly when washing, which reinforces their hold. Test Olia, the coloring composed of 60% oils that propel the color to the heart of the hair fiber for maximum color power and long-lasting while taking care of your hair. Or Belle Color, the color with a guaranteed natural result, enriched with wheat germ oil that intensely protects, nourishes, and illuminates your hair, color after color.

Go natural

In 2018, Garnier launched Color Herbalia: Garnier’s first 100% plant-based hair color. The Color Herbalia range comprises 100% plants for a wide color palette of 10 shades that combine indigo, henna, and cassia. Result: a palette of shades whose formula binds naturally and firmly to the hair fibers and prolongs the color’s intensity.

Aim for the shard

Try concentrated dyes containing ultra-intense pigments, such as the Garnier 100% Color range for long-lasting intensity thanks to its “color lock” formula.

Take care of your hair.

Color bleeds more easily on porous or damaged hair. Use nourishing, color-safe treatments, shampoos, and conditioners for healthier hair and long-lasting color. Avoid using heat to style your hair and protect your hair from the sun if you plan to spend a whole day outdoors.

These tips will help you make your color last for 6-8 weeks. Unless, of course, you are tempted by another color.

Tips for your color to last longer after dyeing

Would you like your hair color to last a long time? No problem: We show you our top tips from the right shampoo to the final touch. We gladly spend money on dyeing our hair, but we also want the color to last as long as possible because the coloring is only really worth the money spent if it has not disappeared after a few days! There are very simple tricks to extend the hold of your color by a few weeks.

Wash dyed hair properly.

The color can lose its intensity much more quickly if you don’t wash your hair properly. Follow proper methods when shampooing to ensure you don’t wash out the color and avoid harsh chemicals.

Only shampoo 24 hours after coloring/dyeing

Freshly colored pigments need time to attach to the hair. Therefore, you must wait 24 hours after the coloring treatment before washing your hair again.

Wash your hair less often

Even without this, shampoos have a big influence on color retention. Don’t wash your dyed hair too often, especially if you’re wearing a bright tone or have had a major color change.

Use the right shampoo.

Dyed hair needs a good shampoo. For bright colors, you should use a coloring shampoo. For blond hair, a moisturizing or nourishing shampoo is suitable. A coloring shampoo may be ideal for brown hair, but if the color is only slightly different from your natural color, you are free to choose and use a shampoo that goes with your hair type.

Only shampoo at the root

Many women wash their hair badly. Because the ends should not be covered with foam during shampooing, it is important, especially for hair that has just been dyed, to apply the shampoo at the roots and massage it into the hair. The ends are sufficiently washed when rinsing out the shampoo.

Coldwater to finish

Here’s a little secret that our grandmothers already knew, even though dyeing their hair wasn’t as common and wasn’t done with such vibrant colors back then. Rinse the hair with cold water at the end of each shampoo or treatment. This closes the cuticle and thus fixes the color in the hair.

Care and styling for colored hair

The color pigments are placed deep inside the hair. Therefore, the color must penetrate deep into the hair and store the pigments there. The important thing for the care of dyed hair is that the cuticle remains well closed. The color pigments can then no longer escape.

Seal in color with a detangler

Detanglers have been specially designed to “seal” the hair. To prolong the hold of the color, a detangler is therefore essential. Detanglers for dyed hair can even contain silicones because these lock in color particularly well. But beware: there are harmful chemicals! Ensure that the ingredients used are of excellent quality as in professional detanglers.

Protect hair from heat when styling

Styling tools are another reason hair colors can fade faster. The heat damages the hair, and the color can thus leave more quickly. Heat protection is therefore mandatory. As the color can already pass with the brushing, we recommend that you apply anti-heat protection to towel-dried hair.

Protect them from the sun

The sun can also affect the color. UV rays can indeed penetrate the hair and destroy the pigments there. With a UV protection spray, you can prevent this phenomenon. Just spray the hair with it each time directly before sunbathing so that the color is protected.

Refresh the color at home

If you followed the previous tips, your hair is now perfectly protected against fading. But what if the first gray hairs appear at the roots or the color slowly fades despite your best efforts? You have to refresh the color at home then. If you’re not confident enough then go to a salon.

Hide the roots with Root Concealer

Root Concealer is your absolute lifesaver if roots or small gray hairs appear. Root Concealer is available in spray or powder form. It is sprayed or dabbed on the roots, and the product lasts until the next shampoo.

Intensify the color with a Color Conditioner

Color Conditioner is a wonderful product for refreshing hair color. These detanglers contain a few colored pigments, which attach to the outside of the hair and thus revive the color. Whether your hair is blond, brown, or red, there are Color Conditioners in all colors, and you can also compensate for unsightly shades with them, such as when your hair “pulls” yellow or red.

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